Agent Orange Town Hall Meeting Monday

American forces dropped about 20 million gallons of herbicide on south Vietnam from 1962 to 1971. Monday the Disabled American Veterans is hosting a town hall meeting to educate veterans about the effects of Agent Orange and how to get help. If you or your family members have been affected by Agent Orange, then this applies to you.

Vietnam Veteran Walt Schumacher said, “There is town hall meeting on Monday about Agent Orange and the effects.”

Brian Lutze with the DAV,  “If you went to Vietnam and you were on the ground or in the inland waters, you are presumed to have been in contact with Agent Orange.”

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and they will help you learn how to file a claim with the VA and get the help you need.

There are a multitude of medical problems that come from the herbicide called Agent Orange. If you were in the Vietnam war and have suffered from spinal bifada, club foot, peripheral neuropathy or have diabetes, then you should attend the meeting.

Not only could it have affected Vietnam veterans, but also, their children and grandchildren.

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