Drumming at Foothills Library

Yuma County Library, Foothills

13226 South Frontage Rd.
, AZ

Free Fun J J For Everyone!



Want to “drum” a “Drum” ?

Want to “tap” a “Tambourine” ?

Want to “shake” a “Shaker” ?

Want to “croak” a “Frog” ?

Children & Adults & J J People join:


No experience what so ever neded!

No instruments needed!


 “Foothills Drumming Circle”



Foothills Library

13226 E. S. Frontage Rd. + Foothills Blvd. (928) 342-1640

Fun time: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM for 2013


January 10th (Thursday) and January 26th (Saturday)

February 7th (Thursday) and February 23rd (Saturday)

March 7th (Thursday) and March 23rd (Saturday)

April 4th (Thursday) and April 20th (Saturday)

Thursday, 10 January, 2013


Phone: 928 342-1640