Wellton Pickleball Club Grand Opening Party

Wellton Elementary School

29126 San Jose Avenue
United States

Wellton Pickleball Club Schedules Grand Opening Party
Pickleball, the great game with a funny name, is now active in Wellton, with some 70 players enjoying the fun in the first two weeks the Wellton Pickleball Club has been active.
 Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. and great exercise for seniors, even though it is enjoyed by all ages.  The USA Pickleball Association estimates there are currently between 40 and 50 thousand  people people playing worldwide, with the greatest number being in Arizona and Florida.
The game has been described as “oversized ping pong played on a badminton sized court with a tennis sized net. Players use a paddle to keep a plastic ball full of holes going back and forth until someone messes up.” It can be a slower game for beginners and full of fast paced volleys with experienced players, but most participants can learn well enough to have lots of fun with one lesson.
Wellton players will celebrate the opening of two courts and the formation of their club with a grand opening party on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. The party will be at the courts which are at 29140 San Jose Ave., just east of Wellton Elementary School. During the event players will be demonstrating the game and answering questions, including sharing the secret of how pickleball got its unusual name.  Guests may enjoy treats and a beverage.

Free lessons are available Monday through Saturday to those wanting to join the fun and all equipment is provided. Contact the Wellton Pickleball Club at welltonpickleballclub@gmail.com or Candace Besse at 704-472-2109 for more information or to schedule lessons.

Saturday, 07 December, 2013


Candace Besse

Phone: 704-472-2109