The Shot 'Felt' Around the World

Yuma Historic Theatre

254 S Main St
Yuma, AZ 85364

On October 7th there will be a documentary film about the history of the polio vaccine and polio. It is a very moving and educational film.  Dr. Peter Salk (the son of Dr. Jonas Salk, who invented the vaccine for polio) will be present with other distinguished panel members.  Dr. Peter Salk is a renowned medical doctor and is currently working on a vaccination for HIV/AIDS as well as other projects.

The cost of the presentation is $10.00 for students, $25.00 for general public, and $40.00 for VIP tickets which includes a reception prior to the film, where people can meet the panel members. If you do not wish to attend but would like to donate tickets to students from Arizona Western College and Northern Arizona University, you can purchase blocks of student tickets. We are also looking for businesses that would like to sponsor the event.

The event is being held on October 7th at the Historic Yuma Theatre and Art Center, 245 South Main Street, Yuma.  The film begins at 4:00pm with Q&A to follow (The VIP reception starts at 2:00 Pm)

After the film there will be a question and answer period. There will also be an iron lung on display.  Though Polio is no longer prevelant, it does still exist and has occasionally occured in the United States among individuals who have not been vaccinated due to coming in contact with an infected individual (generally while traveling to another country or coming in contact with visitors from other countries).

The proceeds from the production go to vaccinating children around the world for polio.

For more information and tickets contact:

Jennifer Underhill at (928) 257-3439 or

Chuck Nordquist at (928) 246-7916 or


Sunday, 07 October, 2012


Jennifer Underhill

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