What happened to my sweet and obedient kid? Effective strategies to improve your relationship with your adolescent


, AZ


Who are we? Professional Development and Empowerment Services is an organization dedicates to offer conference to disseminate knowledge and strategies to improve the well being and the quality of life of individuals and their families.

Dr. Dally Rios-Ortega- is visiting from Orlando, Florida, is a clinical psychologist who has worked in the rehabilitation of children and adolescents with severe behavioral problems living in residential homes and juvenile detention.

Dr. Magda Trujillo- is a clinical psychologist who offers help to improve the well being of children, adolescents and their families in her private practice in Yuma, AZ. She has also worked with adolescents in juvenile detention with severe behavioral problems and developmental delays.

          You may ask yourself, what happened to my sweet obedient kid?  Adolescence is a time of great changes for both the adolescents and their families. These changes may come with challenges including problems such as:

��"        Constant bickering and arguments with your kid, which make communication almost impossible.

��"        Low self esteem, drastic mood changes in some cases may lead to severe depression, anxiety, self injurious behaviors or suicide attempts.

��"        Lack of motivation- doesn’t have desire to do much particularly in academics leading to lower academic achievement- lower grades.

   Conference Objectives

��"        To distinguish typical behaviors from atypical behaviors in adolescents- Are the constant fights normal or not? Is that isolation and sadness normal or not? Is my kid at risk of self injurious behaviors, eating disorders or suicide?

��"        Demonstration and practice of  techniques to improve communication with your adolescent

��"        Specific strategies that you can practice every day to promote the healthy development of your kids. Answer your questions and concerns.

Saturday, 27 October, 2012


$29 before 10/23/12 or $39-entrance

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