Ernesto Romero joined the KYMA news team as a producer in June of 2008. Ernesto is gratified to call
the Desert Southwest home. Born in Yuma, Arizona,
Ernesto is proud to call himself a Yuma High School criminal (Go Crims!!). That is why he feels he has
strong ties to the Yuma Territorial Prison.

Ernesto started his career while attending The University of Arizona. It all started with being a fashion editor of the
U of A's first magazine, Red/Blue.
From there Ernesto went on to cover the entertainment beat for The Arizona Daily Wildcat. It wasn't long before he became assistant Spanish editor for El Independiente, a newspaper tending to the issues of the Hispanic community in South Tucson. Ernesto also helped start the National Association of Hispanic Journalists U of A chapter in 2006. In June 2007, Ernesto received a "Professionalism in Journalism Award" and graduated with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in Print Journalism and a minor in Business.

Ernesto enjoys being back home and surrounding himself with the city he grew up in. Working news transcends a job; it's all he breathes, eats, sleeps or tweets. During his free time, he likes to hang out at the Yuma Palms (he knew being in the Yuma High School Renaissance Council and giving his input on a new mall would serve a purpose seven years later). He also enjoys spending time with his family at random Eighth Street taco shops (those tacos are so good), and spending time with his friends.

Ernesto would love to hear any questions, comments, or story ideas you may have. Go ahead and e-mail him at: