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Mobile Justice launches in California


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – By one click you can record your encounter with police.

No need to figure out how to upload or download it will go directly to the American Civil Liberties Union.


“This app is specifically designed to give communities a tool with which to put a check on possible abuses that happen when one encounters law enforcement,” American Civil Liberties Union Communication Strategist Anna Castro said.

So far 30,000 have used the the Mobile Justice California app since it launched last week.

It’s a free app and free to use.

It’s is available for Android and iPhones.


“Right now, I think we’ve all noticed that when people have encounters with law enforcement, they are more and more aware of the need to maybe record these encounters.  We’re really lucky in California you can record encounters in California,” Castro said.

The app also includes an incident report that will be transmitted to the ACLU.

A time stamp and date will automatically be included.


The good thing about the app is that if you record and you send, ACLU will have a record of that recording.  If you phone gets confiscated, they’ll already have that on file.

And even if the video gets deleted on your phone, ACLU will have a copy.


“This just takes away that extra step of thinking I have to uploaded to Youtube.  I don’t know who to send this video to.  This sends it directly  to an organization that fights for your rights everyday,” Castro said.


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