2017 brings new child car seat laws

CALIFORNIA - January will bring new changes for child car seat laws in the Golden State.

Effective on the first day of 2017, children under two years of age must be properly buckled in a rear-facing car seat, unless the child weighs more than 40 pounds or is taller than 40 inches.

The current law requires children under the age of eight to be buckled into a car seat or booster seat when riding in a car.

Kids eight years of age or older who are 4 feet 9 inches or taller may use the vehicle seat belt if it properly fits them and must ride in the back seat of the car.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officials say the new changes are for child safety.

"It's to prevent any injuries or further injuries that can be sustained from a traffic collision from the neck, the spinal or the back. Any motorist that has a child that is forward facing can be cited and sustain a fine," said CHP Officer Fernando Alvarez.

According to CHP fines can be of up to $500 per child not properly secured.

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