25K county lawsuit settlement

over vehicle collision that happened in 2016


YUMA, Ariz. - This lawsuit dates back to January 2016, when a former YCSO deputy, Eric Frost was involved in vehicle collision, while in pursuit to an emergency crisis. 

The collision took place on Ave 3E and 32nd street. Yuma county board members approved the deal during a meeting on Monday in which they came to a decision while discussing legal matters. The plaintiff Samantha Williams, who collided with Frost filed a complaint in November of 2016 alleging that Frost  "Drove in a reckless manner" and caused the collision, resulting in injuries that required hospital attention. While in the end it was concluded that both drivers were partly at fault, Williams still filed a complaint against the county, that of which came to close on Monday as a settlement was approved by the board in the amount of $25,000. Frost is no longer employed at the agency and 
we reached out to YCSO and the Yuma County Attorney's office both of which had no comment at this time. 

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