29th Annual Mini Rodeo held at Cattle Call Arena


BRAWLEY, Calif. - Its Cattle Call season in Brawley and on Wednesday special needs students from all over the Imperial Valley attended the 29th Annual Mini Rodeo.


 “We run really just like a gymkhana and all the children have to try out to get to be involved,” said Ashley Taylor, Mini Rodeo Committee Member.


Dating back to 1988, founder Joanie Moore had the vision of sharing the rodeo experience with those who might not be able to attend regular performances.


“It’s something that we can do with the sport that we love and entertain people that may not have the means or the time to sit through the big rodeo which takes a couple of hours,” explained Taylor.


This year patients in rehabilitation centers and elderly homes were invited too. News 11 also had a chance to speak to rodeo royalty.


“We don't have Cattle Call Queens this year so they’ve asked me to kind of step in with my title and do things normally that a Cattle Call Queen would, so I’m here, I’m going to make a fun little queens run, I’m presenting the American flag and I’m also involved in some of the other events,” said Cailee Roper, Miss California High School Rodeo.


Those events included barrel racing, pole bending, team roping, a rodeo three legged race and one brave bull rider.


“It really peaks the interest of rodeo in young people which we need because we don't want it to die. So, the more that we can get young people involved and interested the better it is and it’s just so special to a lot of these kids to be able to have this one on one kind of experience with the rodeo that they don't normally get at the regular PRCA Rodeo,” added Roper.


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