3 motor vehicle accidents in one day

SOMERTON, Calif. - The Somerton Cocopah Fire Department responded to 3 motor vehicle accidents today. 

The first accident occurred at 03:29am at County 19th Street and Avenue G.  Upon arrival they found that a pickup truck knocked over a power pole after which the pickup truck rolled. The driver was male and was wearing a seat belt and thankfully did not sustain any injuries.  After being examined by the Somerton Cocopah Fire Department Paramedics, he chose to not be transported to YRMC.

At 05:53am the Somerton Cocopah Fire Department was again called out to a motor vehicle accident at Avenue I and Highway 95 at the County 16½ extension near Gadsden.  The sole occupant was a male driver who stated that he had been driving along a canal bank and drove off of the edge, rolling the vehicle into the canal which was full of water at that time.  The driver stated that he was wearing his seat belt at the time and managed to roll down his window as the vehicle sunk into the water; giving him the ability to swim out from the driver seat.  Although wet and cold, the driver denied any injuries and refused transportation to YRMC.

The 3rd motor vehicle accident that the Somerton Cocopah Fire Department was called out to, was a head on collision which occurred at 2:08pm this afternoon.  A red in color mid sized sports utility vehicle and a full sized black sedan, wrecked head on at the intersection of County 19th and Avenue B.  Upon arrival the male driver of the red sports utility vehicle had self-extricated himself and was lying on the roadway next to his vehicle.  The male driver of the black sedan was trapped in the driver's seat with the driver’s door jammed due to the force of the wreck.  When examined by the SCFD Paramedics, the driver of the red sports utility vehicle sustained non-life threatening injuries, while the driver of the black sedan complained of more serious injuries. 

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