4H Horses Fun Day brings horse knowledge to kids

4H Horses Fun Day brings horse...

YUMA, Ariz. - Kids and their parents came out to the Yuma County Fairgrounds early Saturday to learn more about horses. 

The event was held by the 4H Horse and Horse Science Programs, which helps give children opportunities to demonstrate their skills and increase their proficiency in their performance, according to the program's Facebook page.

4H Horse held a Fun Day for kids, both returning and new, to introduce them to the kind of activities and projects all while working with horses. 

Even with little to no experience, 4H encourages kids to come out and get more knowledgable of horses.  

Today's Fun Day included fun classes that included wacky trails, egg and spoon, and Stick Horse Barrel Race. Another program is the Horse Science program, which allows kids to learn all about the care and keeping of horses.

Charmaigne Cortesio, the Horse Science Program Director, said that the program is new. Last year, they had about three kids who took part in the project, which allowed them to compete both state and nationwide. After today's Fun Day, she said about 10 to 12 kids are looking to take part of the project. The Horse Science Program teaches the study of the horse, the bone structure, the breeds, and the disciplines before they take off for competition. 

Finally, the day ended off with a Horse Clinic, a great way for kids to practice riding with their horse for State show participants. 

The Chairman of Yuma County 4H Horse, Wendy Conde, said that the mission of the 4H is one that builds up the kids, and that is a reason why she is still a part of the program. 

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