Ag expo makes long awaited opening in the Valley

iv ag expo


The Inaugural Imperial Valley AG Expo, kick off tomorrow and hope to make an annual appearance in the county. According to Jody Rollins, the expo organizer, this was long over due.
"This is an agricultural mecca. So it was missing that you know. I think the community is ready for it, they want it and it's going to be fantastic.


She also says that the expo is really about celebrating the Imperial Valley. "The residence of the valley, we're hoping they come out tomorrow. This is for them. This is really about celebrating the Imperial Valley. It's the fabric of our society here, it's our culture. Agriculture is the dominant industry here."


Jody hopes that the future of the AG Expo is to put the Imperial Valley on the forefront of the AG Industry.
"And that's what we want for this expo. We want to grow it. We want people to know worldwide. To come here and celebrate this valley and honor the agriculture that takes place right here in our own backyard."

The AG Expo, opens tomorrow morning at 11 a-m and closes at seven p-m. The event is free to the public. There will be live music, food vendors, workshops and the latest tech in agriculture industry on display.


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