Air quality alert issued for parts of Imperial County

CALEXICO, Calif. - Various air quality alerts have been issued for parts of Imperial County.

The first alert was issued Thursday morning, and two additional alerts were issued Friday.

News 11 spoke to county officials on what these alerts mean and a familiar voice who has been tracking the alert systems from the start.

 “Today’s cautions or warning that George mentioned on the radio were in the Calexico area regarding PM 2.5, and PM 2.5 is something that is generally associated with automobiles or tailpipe emissions,” said Matt Dessert, Air Pollution Control Office with Imperial County.

Local radio host George Gale has been tracking the air quality alert systems and providing reports for listeners and has come to find a high interest in the quality of the valley’s air.

 “Response to these reports have been tremendous for us, we’ve been getting calls on people who appreciate it and asking us why nobody else is doing it,” said George Gale, KXO Radio Host.

Fridays alerts mainly affect the elderly and children, for future purposes residents can sign up for air quality alerts and will have access to tools such as the air quality index.

 “It goes from the green which is good air quality, all the way down to the black which is hazardous, that’s everybody. The at risk group would be everybody living,” explained Gale

There are various air monitoring system in Imperial Valley, and the county is working on compiling the info to one place.

 “Were talking about consolidating all this information so it’s a one stop shop and then whoever is reporting on the information such as Mr. Gale or someone else can pick and choose, but all the information is available to everyone at the same time at the same place,” said Dessert.

 “They have EPA recommendations; people who are affected by any specific air quality problem and how to behave during that period,” added Gale.

For more information on the air quality and alerts in your neighborhood you can visit

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