An exclusive look at the MCAS's 2017 Yuma Airshow

YUMA, Ariz. - The Yuma Airshow is right around the corner and locals here in the Desert Southwest are gearing up for the high energy signature event.  It starts March 17th thru the 18th and will feature an array of different types of aircraft's.
While many would think this show is just for aviation enthusiast, it truly offers so much more. From motocross to kids activities to food vendors to even circus performers. Its an event that is meant to bring the community of Yuma together as well as showcase MCAS, modern aircraft displays and live air performances. Airshow Director Lieutenant Colonel Dane Howell explains all the different aircraft's you can expect to see at the show. 
"First we will be having all of the awesome Jets that are normally organic to this air station. Harriers, F-5's, some joint strike fighters. We'll be having ospreys. In addition to all these military aircraft's, there's also going to be a number of civilian aircraft's. Very highly agile, precision type aircraft's. Both props and Jets and some helicopters as well," said Howell.
Lieutenant Howell also mentioned that the Yuma Airshow is the only airshow in Arizona, so its a very special event for them. While the Twilight show starts at 6pm on Friday, Howell says its a good idea to show up one hour early on both days. For those coming to the Twilight show, it is a must that you go to their website to get a parking pass. The pass is free and its the only way you will be able to enter that night. For more information on the show and to find out what items are permissible to and prohibited from the event, you can head to their website at 

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