APS proposes rate-hikes

APS Rate Increase
YUMA, Ariz. - Arizona Public Service requested a rate-increase of $6 a month on average, per Arizona household on March 1. 
On Monday, APS visited Yuma and held an open forum for local customers to hear from the Arizona Corporation Commission. 
Although residents expressed concerns over the rate hike, APS representatives said the increase would provide multiple benefits to customers. 
Stephanie Layton, the Director of Revenue Requirements with APS said the goal behind the increase is to offer customers more choice and more control.
"The case we're hoping for is a result that will help us invest in a smarter and cleaner infrastructure," Layton said. "[We'd like to] provide that choice in control, over rates and continue to implement solar leadership in Arizona."
However, some residents expressed their disagreement with the proposal. 
John Quintero, a Yuma resident and APS customer said the timing of this proposal would negatively affect residents, given that if approved, it would go into effect Summer 2017. 
"I don't think it's right," Quintero said. "Especially in this area where we don't have a sustainable wage and during the summer a lot of people are hurting for jobs." 
However, Layton said the changes aims to better serve APS customers. 
"It costs over a $1 billion a year for us to keep the lights on for our customers," Layton said. "In order to for us to continue to serve our customers with that same reliability and customer service that they've come to expect to come in for a rate review."

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