Arizona Department of Transportation makes improvements at San Luis Port of Entry

ADOT improves San Luis Port of Entry

Yuma,Arizona - The San Luis Point of Entry is getting safer when it comes to the inspection process with commercial trucks crossing the border.

A new program called, "The Border Liaison Unit" created by the Arizona Department of Transportation is working with truck drivers, trucking companies, and mechanics to know the safety standards when it comes to crossing the border. The program comes after continuous problems with commercial trucks not meeting safety standards and constant time delays when crossing the border. ADOT'S Tom Hemmerman says the changes have actually increased Arizona's economy already.

"We want to make sure it's an efficient process every time a truck comes across the border it's a boost to the economy. Yuma, Yuma County, all of Arizona we want to make sure we get these trucks in here and to keep them moving if we get more trucks to come through it boosts the economy even more. What we would like to see is every truck that comes across the border is to be safe."


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