Arizona gas prices on the rise


YUMA, Ariz. - Gasoline prices around Arizona are slightly higher at the pumps this week. Officials with Triple-A Arizona said on Thursday that the average statewide price for unleaded regular gasoline is now $2.24. That is up only by a penny from last week, however as we've seen in the past nationwide, there’s a good chance gas prices could go up significantly this summer. Here is what some Yuma locals had to say about the rise.

“It’s been going up lately and it affects us by not wanting to drive to school every day. I rather take the bus if it keeps going up,” said, Mauricio Hernandez.

"If it went up a penny, it wouldn’t affect me at all really, but if it went up a dollar, i wouldn’t drive my personal car as much you know,” said Albert Garcia.

As of right now in Arizona, Tucson has the lowest average gasoline price at $2.13 and Flagstaff has the highest at $2.44. Overall California has the highest average gas price among the U.S. at $2.97. 

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