Authorities give statement on alleged border beating incident

CALEXICO, Calif. - Customs and Border Protection responded to allegations of abuse of authority.

CBP said this week in a statement that the incident on Sunday night, December 17th, at the Calexico Downtown Port of Entry. Marco Castellanos was suspected of using his cell phone to record officers doing their job.

CBP issued this statement:

“When the man failed to comply with the instructions and became verbally abusive towards CBP employees, officers attempted to escort him to an area away from other awaiting travelers. The man’s father interfered with CBP officer’s attempts to gain control of his adult son. A CBP officer subdued the father, and both he and his son were escorted to a secure area for further review…Both were subsequently released without charges.”

75-year-old Jesus Castellanos said he and his son, Marco, were beaten by the officers. Castellanos said no videotaping of the officers was found on their cellphone.

“They threw me against the benches. They twisted my right arm. They broke it. They were all around me. One of them hit me in the ribs on the left side, six or seven times,” Castellanos said.

The Castellanos have a lawyer and plan to sue. Jesus Castellanos is recovering from his four broken ribs and a broken arm.

Watch our newscast tonight at 6 p.m. for the full story.

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