AWC adds two to the Hall of Fame Wall

YUMA, Ariz. -
Arizona Western College is ranked amongst one of the best community colleges in Arizona. Every year the Board of Hall of Fame at AWC recognizes outstanding Matadors.
This year the organization voted in two notable alumni that have paved the way for future Matadors. 
Lynne Pancrazi tells us of a fond memory at AWC, "I still remember being in P.E. classes with the great big football players we were doing circuit training and I ran into a football player and I looked up, I was so intimidated."
This year AWC introduced two of Yuma's finest, Lynne Pancrazi and 13-year MLB veteran, Bengie Molina.
Pancrazi now serves District 5 on the Yuma County Board as she has helped change the face of education in Yuma and Arizona for the better. 
In the world of sports at AWC, it was Bengie Molina who was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Coach John Stratton, former AWC baseball coach and Bengie's coach in 92' shared a unique experience with the player.
"Bengie stated very seriously with wide eyes, 'Coach, my goal is to be a major league baseball player' the coach in me said 'it is great that you have these dreams, but statistically this probably isn't going to happen'".
For Bengie Molina, it did.
He went on to win two World Series rings, one with the Anaheim Angels in 2002 and with the San Francisco Giants in 2010. His accomplishments also include two Golden Gloves in 2002 and 2003 and became the author of the New York Times Bestselling book,  Molina: The Story of a Father who Raised An Unlikely Baseball Dynasty.
However, he was honored to be recognized in the city he started his baseball career.
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