AWC aids students in need of college funding

AWC aids students in need of...

YUMA, Ariz. - More than sixty percent of Arizona adults are expected to fall in the category of "college-educated" by 2030, but many experts say the goal is nearly impossible given a lack of federal assistance. 

Although the expectation seems like an optimistic one at first glance, financial aid representatives say it'll be a tough one for the state to obtain, without government support. 
However, local college experts say there is hope. According to Carlos Ramos, the Financial Aid specialist for Arizona Western College, students can rely on other means for financial assistance. 
"I task myself with going into our local high schools and [I speak] to those students and [let] them know, 'Maybe you don't qualify for [federal aid] but that doesn't mean you don't qualify for something else." 
Ramos said local institutions like Arizona Western College will prioritize student assistance, but he also said the state's goal will be a tough one to obtain without their support. 
"Whether the state is providing additional funding or they're [fighting for a more affordable education,]" Ramos said. "It's just going to be a difficult task. Is it attainable? Of course it is [...]"
The Financial Aid Director for Arizona Western College, Ana English, said despite the state fund scarcity, students can still look to other means for help.
"I think a lot of students think they don't qualify," English said. "They have to remember that there are other resources besides the Pell Grant and student loans. We may have Foundation scholarships, institutional scholarships and we have good payment plans available." 
Ramos also encouraged students and parents to ask for additional federal assistance. 

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