Blues and Arts will benefit orphans

Sonshine Hacienda

SAN FELIPE, Baja California - Sonshine Hacienda is a safe home in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico for orphaned, abandoned or abused children.

"The need for them. Perhaps what they didn't get in their home or what they were suffering or what they have lived. They are children that when I see them I get filled with love towards them," said Imelda Alicia Valenzuela, who is one of the workers at Sonshine.

For kids like Perla and her three sisters, Sonshine Hacienda is a place of opportunity and hope.

"I've been here for four years and it's going to be five years because I like to be here. I came from school since the third grade and because I like to be here it's a lot of fun," said Perla Yesenia Bravo, who has lived in the home for several years and has become a role model for her younger sisblings.

The vision of building a stable home for these children was made possible thanks to the help of many people and organizations, like the Lions Club of San Felipe. So far, Sonshine Hacienda is still depending on the good action of others. Including the annual "Blues and Arts Fiesta" where 100 percent of the money raised is distributed to different causes in San Felipe.

"One of the major organizations we support is Sonshine Hacienda and throughout the year we do different things for them and what have you, ain't no big thing for me," said Thomas Hugh Edwards, who is a local business owner and member of the Lions Club of San Felipe.

The Blues and Arts Fiesta is from March 17 and 18 at the El Dorado Ranch and Resort of San Felipe, where you can enjoy more than eight bands and lots of art exhibitions.
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