Body found at City of Mexicali landfill

MEXICALI, B.C. - The coordinator for the Deputy Attorney General of Justice of Baja California announced that a person was found dead at the Sanitary Landfill of the Hipolito Renteria community in the city of Mexicali.

The body was found by waste pickers of the landfill who made the emergency call. Officials of the Directorate of Municipal Public Security, specialized experts, and police officers arrived on scene and began to investigate the area of the incident.

David Lozano Blancas, Coordinator of Special Investigations pointed out that the body wore a short-sleeved white shirt, denim trousers and looked like a person who was homeless. 

The body had been in the landfill for about three days and began to present a state of putrefaction, so it was difficult to identify it at first instance. It was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service for its analysis of genetics and fingerprints.

Authorities informed that the deceased today did not coincide with any missing person reported. There are still questions to determine their origin and identity as well as some motive or clues that could have ended the person's life. The event happened on October 10th.

The alleged homeless man was between 30 and 35 years of age and presented blows to the head, face, and legs in addition to having a regular complexion.

Local workers pointed out that in the landfill, everyone knows each other and they have a good relationship so when they see the body of the deceased. They were able to assure that it was not anyone from the group that was there and was a total stranger.

Authorities make a call to report any missing person with these characteristics before the public prosecutor.

There are already 124 homicides so far this year, an increase compared to the total 114 in 2016.

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