Border Patrol arrest five thanks to citizen's call

Yuma Sector Border Patrol YPD chase...

Yuma, ARIZ. - Border Patrol agents arrested five individuals following a pursuit late Wednesday afternoon when the driver of a Dodge pickup truck failed to stop for an immigration inspection.

Yuma Station agents received a citizen call of multiple people climbing into a pickup truck and then traveling east. 

Once agents located the truck, they attempted to conduct an immigration stop but the driver fled.

Yuma Police Department said they assisted Border Patrol by ensuring the surface streets were clear. 

A witness says the pickup truck, a white Dodge, pulled into the alley way near West 10th Street and South 7th Avenue in Yuma, where the three men exited the vehicle and fled on foot into different directions. 

“Through the alley, we saw this white truck who just stopped like out of nowhere and it made a lot of dust and then three guys started just like running at like high speeds running," said Paola German. 

No injuries, damage or vehicle accidents occurred during the incident.

The driver, a 55-year-old U.S. citizen, was arrested for human smuggling.The four undocumented male Mexican nationals were arrested and are being processed for immigration violations.

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