Border Patrol Boot Camp for Teens

Border Patrol Teen Boot Camp
Yuma,Arizona - You're never too "young" to start living your dreams, the Border Patrol Yuma Sector is putting teens to the test. 
For the rest of the month of July, Border Patrol agents will be offering a teen boot camp for ages 13-17. Teens will learn the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet and learn quick workouts taught by Border Patrol agents. Agent Matthew Wills says the goal is to keep teens in our community motivated and give them a taste of what they'll experience in the work field. 
"Since we're always in the community and a lot of people see us and I think it forms a good bond. Someone that they can trust, someone they can say that this agent taught me this, this agent taught me physical fitness, this agent taught me what Border Patrol agents do, so I feel like it's important to kind of strengthen that bond with the Border Patrol and the community." 

The camp is free and open to any teen who is interested in Border Patrol or in Law Enforcement. For more information click here.

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