Border Patrol serves search warrant at immigrant camp

ARIVACA, Ariz. - U.S. Border Patrol agents served a search warrant at 'No Más Muertes Camp' which led to four suspected undocumented immigrants being arrested.

Agents say they saw the four men wearing camouflage walking north on a known smuggling route. The group was tracked by agents who were led to the camp.

The camp was allegedly contacted by agents to figure out if the men were inside the camp. Eventually, agents had to get a search warrant in order to search for the men.

Agents say they were able to find the men and arrest them after they determined all four were in the country illegally. 

A month prior, agents arrested eight men who were also inside the 'No Más Muertes Camp' after negotiating with camp representatives.

Two of the men arrested that day had prior significant criminal records in the U.S.; two others required medical car at a local hospital.

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