Boy killed in hit-and-run remembered

Boy killed in hit-and-run is...

EL CENTRO, Calif. -

Tuesday would have been Avory Glover’s 14th birthday. His family and friends celebrated at El Centro Bucklin Park, but Avory wasn’t there.

Hilton Smith, friend of the Glover family, explained, “We were there to memorialize the tragic loss of an individual.”

There was a cake, and balloons were released in the air. But, Avory didn’t see that because he died two years ago from a hit-and-run collision; he was barely 11 years old.

“The entire atmosphere was bitter sweet,” Smith said describing the event.

16-year-old Vincent Montes, one of Avory’s friends, remembered the good times.

“I just think about him like every day. He would be with us right now doing all this crazy stuff and good stuff, too, that we’ve been doing. Fun and stuff. We laugh all the time. Make jokes,” Montes said.

James Killian is serving three years in prison for his role in Avory’s death. Avory’s family complained it’s not enough. They want a tougher law on hit-and-run cases.

“Anybody who commits a felony hit-and-run will get a stiffer sentence than is prescribed by California law as it recently stands,” Smith said.

Smith said they want to call it Avory’s law.

“We are trying to pursue a law that protects not only kids but everybody, the entire community,” Smith said.

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