Bringing Armando home

Family asks community to help bring son home

It's a parent's worst nightmare, having to bury a child, that nightmare has become a reality for one Yuma family. Over a year ago Armando Rivera Jr. suffered a stroke and fell into a coma where he remained for more than three months, when he came to Armando spent the next year fighting for his life and on Friday December 29th in a La Jolla hospital Armando lost the battle and passed away. 

   Described by his family as a loving son and seen by those who have met him as someone you could always depend on Armando leaves a void in the hearts of many in our area. Described by many as a Chargers fan who's life goal was enriching the life of his son. Now, the community has come together to return Armando's body to Yuma, so that he can be buried in the place he loved. 

   Armando Jr.'s illness would be tough on any family, but the River family has been seeing hardships for some time. Maria Rosa, Armando's mother is in desperate need of both a heart and lung transplant and have very little. That's when friends and family got together and made it their mission to bring this Yuman home to be buried among his friends and family. 

   A car wash was organized and on New Years Day area car clubs like Uniques, United Dreams, Nokturnal and the Together Car Club came together to help the Rivera's with a cruise-in at Gateway Park. Friends have set up a gofundme page to help raise the money needed for Armando's funeral expenses. Those link is listed below.


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