Bringing in the New Year, Desert Style

Thousands head to dunes for New Years

Nothing says "Happy New Years" in the Desert Southwest like a little racing fuel and a sprinkle of sand. With the New Years holiday just around the corner thousands are flocking to their favorite desert recreation areas; for some its the Buttercups, Glamis or Ocotillo. Already RV's hauling toy trailers, pulling jeeps are already setting up camp and greeting their temporary neighbors. 

   For many it's a tradition as old as their family tree and for others it's a new adventure; the dunes offers a variety of vices; whether you love being around those with similar loves or you're an adrenaline junkie at heart, these locations have exactly what you're looking for. But, with any activity, there are rules and following them can mean the difference between a good time and a tragedy. 

   Most of these recreation areas require permits and failing to have one can result in a fine; although some rules like speed may not apply many other laws still apply to riders on and off the paved road. Each year emergency crews are called out to these desert oasis' regarding injured riders and their injuries can be as minimal as bumps and scratches and as severe as death. 

   Riders are asked if they do drink during their visit to keep off the toys; these areas are patrolled by federal and local authorities and won't hesitate to arrest someone riding under the influence. Visitors are asked if they do bring pets along for the ride, please contain them to their camp. For more information on what to expect during your visit at one of these recreational areas you can check out:

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