Buying a Thanksgiving dinner as low as it's been in a decade

Cost of Thanksgiving dinner down this...

YUMA, Ariz. - Shoppers, if you're afraid of breaking the bank at the grocery store this upcoming holiday, there could be some good news for you.


The price to feed your family this Thanksgiving is as low as it's been in a decade.


The latest numbers comes from Arizona Farm Bureau Federation. A typical meal for a family of 10 could cost $39.82, according to the federation. It is 14% less than shoppers paid for on the same items as a year ago. 


The last time a Thanksgiving meal cost under $40 was back in 2006. 


The low cost can be attributed to a good supply of turkeys this year -- and price wars between competing grocery stores. 


We went on a little shopping trip with an employee, Sam Ornelas, from a local Albertson's. When asked how much he usually see's families pay on Thanksgiving meals, he said almost close to $100.


"A regular order is about $75. Thanksgiving is a little more, about $20 higher than that... but it's pretty much average," said Ornelas.


Some families may see some relief on their grocery receipts this year. A typical 16-pound bird is selling for around 89 cents, on average, this year, according to Farm Bureau spokeswoman Peggy Jo Goodfellow. Last year, it was selling for $1.23 a pound. 


At Albertson's, they are typically selling a bird at a guaranteed price of just 79 cents per pound. 


Those price wars play a big part, too. Albertson's will match the price on their turkey's to the lowest advertised price at Fry's grocery store. 


Don't forget, this isn't taking into account those who like to coupon. With coupons, you might be able to do even better. 


When asked what makes a Thanksgiving dinner meal, Ornelas said it's all about family. 


"It's family... and people come down and spend a good time, even if it's just for a day or a few hours. Having a good meal, us being here to provide that meal to them, is a big part. We work hard, and we're excited for this time of the year," Ornelas added.


Here's a provided Thanksgiving grocery list comparing prices from 2016 to 2017:


Thanksgiving grocery bill

Item: 2017 / 2016 

Self-basting 16 lb. young tom turkey: $14.24 / $19.68 

Cubed stuffing mix: $2.42 / $2.50 

Pumpkin pie mix (30 oz.): $2.98 / $2.98

9-inch frozen pie shell (2): $2.00 / $2.39 

3 lb. fresh sweet potatoes: $4.64 / $5.31 

Enriched brown & serve rolls (12): $2.00 / $1.79 

Frozen peas (16 oz.): $1.00 / $1.12 

1 lb mixed celery & carrots: $1.00 / $1.14 

1 gallon whole milk: $2.05 / $2.27 

Fresh cranberries (12 oz.): $2.50 / $2.50 

Half pint whipping cream: $1.98 / $1.59 

Miscellaneous (onions, coffee, sugar, flour, evaporated milk, butter): $3.01 / $3.00

— Source: Arizona Farm Bureau Federation



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