Calexico approves ordinace to manufacture, distribute and cultivate cannabis

Calexico cannabis cultivation

CALEXICO, Calif. - The city of Calexico has passed an ordinance on permits for cultivating, manufacturing and distributing cannabis, making it the first city in Imperial County to do so.

We spoke to City Council Member Bill Hodge on these new changes and one thing he made clear, is that there will be no cannabis dispensaries.

 “There was an ordinance my first term 2010-2014 that we passed to prohibit the dispensary or anything that had to do with marijuana or cannabis. Now the times are quite different, marijuana, cannabis is legal,” said Councilman Bill Hodge.

Although the ordinance has been amended, there still may be some obstacles to overcome for interested manufacturers.

Facilities cultivating cannabis will have to adhere to strict guidelines and keep the smell contained within the building.

 “The excise tax will bring a good amount of money. There is one piece of land that’s ready to go, it's not that big, once that is in operation it was estimated from the developers that it would bring in about $250,000 a year. And that’s only one,” explained Hodge.

Locals hoping to get their hands on the product grown in Calexico for medical or recreational purposes will have to drive elsewhere.

 “If you want to buy that marijuana that is cultivated here, you will have to go to San Diego or someplace along Southern California where there is dispensaries and they’re legal,” added Hodge.

The Calexico City Council approved the ordinance by a vote of 4-0, one member was not present. Council Member Hodge mentioned that the facilities could be materializing in as little as six months.

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