Calexico family loses valuables in burglary that police said could have been prevented

Calexico family loses valuable property in burglary

CALEXICO, Calif. - Calexico Police said an apartment on the eight hundredth block of fourth street was burglarized on Wednesday evening.

Detective Armando Orozco said, “Burglar had entered and took several items from the house.”

Nearly $4,000 dollars in property was taken.

“A lot of electronics and high end clothing and clothing items were taken,” Orozco said.

Some stolen items included Gucci, Michael Kors and Louis Vutton brand products. Police said no sign of forced entry was found.

“The door was left unlocked or the subject was familiar with the residence – had a key,” Orozco said.
Some thieves regularly check for unlocked doors.

“On a regular basis, we get calls of people that are checking doors, on cars, on houses,” Orozco said.

“That’s why it’s a crime of opportunity,” Orozco said.

Police have a suspect.

“A male Hispanic early twenties, five six, about one hundred eighty pounds,” Orozco said.

“Tattoos on both forearms,” Orozco said.

And driving an older model blue Ford Expedition.

Police said neighbors calling in suspicious activity is important.

“We’ve had cases where we got neighbors calling that a car’s being out of a driveway. And we’ve gotten a subject stealing a car. We’ve had calls of people coming out of houses through a window and it’s a burglary in progress,” Orozco said.

Police said this burglary could have been prevented or the suspect caught right away if a call had been made reporting suspicious activity going on at the residence.

“Had a call been made at that time, we could have figured out if that was a burglar,” Orozco said.

In this case, nobody called police. And a family lost their valuables.

“If you see something, say something. Call the police. Let us find out if something’s right or wrong,” Orozco said.

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