Calexico kids go off-road for Christmas

CXO kids go off-road riding

HEBER, Calif. - Calexico CUATES Baja Off-Road club member Robert Uribe said he wanted to build wonderful memories in kids’ minds.

“Memories. Memories of what they did and when they grow up they can do it as well,” Uribe said.

On Sunday, his group took 22 Calexico kids to Heber Sand Dunes Park.

“Giving them rides. We’re feeding them. We’re going to give them gifts and we’re going to give them a fun time,” Uribe said.

Member Nelson Castillo said kids were having the time of their lives.

“They loved it. They’re so happy going out in the cars off-roading. It was a blast for them,” Castillo said.

He would like the kids to share their happiness.

“I hope they take those memories. They talk to their parents, to their cousins, to their grandparents tell them how fun it was,” Castillo said.

CUATES has been organizing off-road family events for 11 years. They want to make this an annual event.

“This is the first time and hopefully it’s not the last. We’ll keep doing it, having a lot of fun,” Castillo said.

Uribe said there’s a strong reason to do this again next year.

“What we’re doing is we’re bringing  smiles – smiles to kids – kids that probably never had this kind of privilege to ride around here in the desert,” Uribe said.

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