Calexico native returns to her hometown to open a health clinic

Calexico clinic

Thousands of Calexico residents are without a health care provider or medical homes.  One Calexcio native hopes to change that.  30 years after leaving her hometown in search of a career, Blanca Morales now returns to open a non-profit health clinic.

An expert in medical management, she has made it her mission to provide much needed medical attention to residents in the town she calls home.  "There is a need. For more... I would say...quality care. And medicine here in Calexico. And that there is a sense of urgency that needs to be done, here in Calexico," said Blanca Morales, Chief Executive Officer of Calexico Wellness Center 

While patients would have to wait hours to be seen in health clinics, Morales and her partners hope to meet the medical needs of the community in an efficient manner. Inette Dominguez, the chief operations officer of the clinic said,  "there's not a specific patient that we're trying to reach. We're trying to reach all patients. That just need a healthcare home. And we want to be that home for them. 

One city officials believes the lives of residents will prosper from the wellness center.  Maritza Hurtado, Mayor of Calexico said,  "when you have these many needs, if your community doesn't come together and create those grass roots efforts, no one will. So I'm very proud of Blanca and Inette and the team here at the Calexico wellness center for those efforts. And I know that we're going to appreciate that. And we're going to be a lot more healthier city for that."

Morales plans to reach out to the community, to educate them on the many health plans available from the state and reducing the number patients going into the E.R.

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