Calexico officials react to drug tunnel

Calexico reaction

Police in Mexicali, uncovered a highly sophisticated drug tunnel this past weekend. Just over 700 yards long, it was unfinished but implemented with lights, a rail system and air conditioning.

The cross border tunnel is believed to start in Mexicali and end in Calexco near the outlet mall. We spoke wth the Mayor of Calexico who says this is a wake up call.

"A message I guess to our government that there's a lot more work to do. And that the city of Calexico needs to also continue to put their assistance in that effort. Because we do care we do want to make sure that this city is a safe city," said Maritza Hurtado, mayor of Calexico.

The mayor also said they're continuing to work with local agencies and their sister city of Mexicali in the battle on drugs.


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