Calexico Police arrest three students allegedly involved in a mass shooting plot

On Tuesday Calexico Police arrested the last of three high school students accused of being part of a planned shooting at the school.

Police were alerted last Friday to the plot by school officials.

According to the Calexico Police Department the three students were arrested at their homes; one on Friday, another on Saturday and one on Tuesday morning.

Police say the students allegedly planned to use guns in the planned attack. The parent of one of the suspects, a 15-year-old male student, told police they owned several firearms and kept them at their residence.

Police are still investigating the motives for the plot.

The three students are in custody and face attempted murder charges.

Calexico Unified School District sent out a press release Tuesday that read:

      We are working diligently with the appropriate agencies to insure that all students and staff at all sites are safe.

      The following has occurred:

      • Safety plans and procedures are in place at all sites to ensure that any disruption is handled quickly and safely

      • A Crisis team has been identified to help our students and staff

      • Communication is ongoing with the Calexico Police Department regarding this issue.

      • Extra security has been added to the Calexico High School

      • Calexico High School administration continues to monitor and secure the campus.

      • All permissible information will be communicated to the community and staff via the district website and or messaging system.

      We would like to thank the Calexico Police Department for their prompt attention to the safety of all of our students and staff. 


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