Calexico Police explains traffic stops

CPD enforcing traffic rules

CALEXICO, Calif. - Why do police pull cars over? Calexico Police Officer Manuel Ceja said it could be something wrong with your car.

“Either to initiate some type of traffic enforcement,” Ceja said.

Or there’s an investigation going on and your car fits a description.

“If they’re investigating something on a past occurred crime or on a past occurred radio call,” Ceja said.

Maybe something looks suspicious about the car or the way the driver is driving.

“If this police officer has probable cause, then he or she is also going to pull over this vehicle to conduct a further investigation,” Ceja said.

A traffic stop can sometimes lead to something more serious.

“Went to identify the driver through a records check. Revealed he had a no-bail warrant for homicide out of a different county. And that was just from a simple broken tail light,” Ceja said.

In that situation, Officer Ceja acted with caution.

“I radioed for an additional unit, then we cautiously took him out of the vehicle and placed him into custody. Then advised him the reason for that,” Ceja said.

Complacency is dangerous in police work.

“You always want to approach in a tactical manner and not be complacent coming up to any of these vehicles that you stop,” Ceja said.

The public should cooperate fully in a traffic stop, authorities advise. Some stops end up with just a warning.

“It’s to their benefit to tell us the truth in regards to their license, registration, or insurance. Because we’re going to find out anyways,” Ceja said.

When it comes to traffic stops and police work, Ceja said there’s one thing for sure.

“There’s no routine traffic stop. There’s nothing routine about our job,” Ceja said.

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