Calexico Police to conduct enforcement detail on Halloween

CALEXICO, Calif. - The Calexico Police Department will be running an enforcement detail next Tuesday, Oct. 31st for Halloween. 

The enforcement detail will help with the significant amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic that happens on Halloween. 

Vehicles often double park and allow children to exit on the street, then run to homes to ask for treats, while the vehicles stay double parked.  At times, the double parking will be from corner to corner of a city block, on both sides. 

This endangers children collecting treats and other motorists trying to drive through. It also creates a problem for people trying to leave their residential driveways, but can’t due to double-parked vehicles.

Calexico Police is advising parents to "Walk the Block" by walking the block with their children. The Calexico Police Department is conducting this enforcement detail for the safety of all persons and to restore/continue the normal flow of traffic.

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