Calexico Police will continue patrolling the city

Calexico Police has contract with city

CALEXICO, Calif. - The Calexico Police Officers Association announced on Wednesday an agreement with the City of Calexico that allows the police department to continue its work for another 18 months.

CPOA President Sean Acuna said, “The city accepted a proposal, eighteen-month contract. And it was voted on by the association – they approved it.”

But he said it came at a steep price.

“The biggest concession was a thirty percent pay cut,” Acuna said.

He said they understood the city’s current financial situation and they wanted to work with it.

“For right now that’s the only way – that was the only way to address the situation,” Acuna said.

The contract does not affect medical or retirement plans.

“The pay cut is dollar for dollar. When you take a pay cut into medical, where you contribute more into medical or retirement, it’s not dollar for dollar,” Acuna said.

Calexico Police supporter Susanna Fuentes-Ferreiro said she’s relieved to see the department staying.

“Gives me security in the sense that we have a law enforcement that knows the community, has been part of the community, that will know special situations, how to handle it. We’re not going to be risking it with someone that has not been part of our law enforcement for many years,” Fuentes-Ferreiro said.

A few weeks prior, she helped organize rallies that showed their support.

“I feel that the city council listened to the people.”

Fuentes-Ferreiro said she feels much better now knowing her voice was heard.

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