Calexico residents rally in support of police

CALEXICO, Calif. - Over 70 people rallied at Calexico’s Rockwood Plaza on Tuesday evening. They want the city to keep the police department.

Recently Calexico City Council voted to consider public safety services from the Sheriff’s office. Council members Jesus Escobar and Bill Hodge joined the rally and listened to impassioned speeches and tried to answer questions. The council members said the city is looking for the best and most affordable public safety options. But protesters said to lose the police department is a losing option for the whole city.

Calexico resident Olivia Valenzuela said, “We do not want our community to fall apart. And we feel that if the Sheriffs' department does come in it will not be the same. We will not be protected. We will not receive the same protection as we do now and we will not have the confidence in them that we do have in our police department. So, we’re here opposing it.”

The two council members at the rally said they would like to keep the police department but they just don’t know how the city can afford it.

Calexico City Council meets on Wednesday to continue debating the public safety issue.


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