Calexico struggles to fix stray animals problem

Calexico is struggling with their stray animal problem

CALEXICO, Calif. - Calexico authorities said no animals housed at their animal control facility will be euthanized, as it was widely reported on social media recently.

Lt. Gonzalo Gerardo said, “We got phone calls. We’re getting phone calls that we were going to euthanize dogs and cats, and that’s not our priority. We’re not going to euthanize dogs and cats, even though the law allows us to, we’re not going to do that. We’re going to try to find all these dogs and cats homes.”

Calexico Animal Control has been sending their strays to the Imperial County Humane Society for years.  

“We had a contract with them where we would take our animals. And they would charge us ten dollars for cats and fifteen dollars for dogs. Not only did we pay them the fee, but we also donated cat food and dog food,” Gerardo said.

That relationship ended recently when the society raised their rates to $75.00 dollars per animal; a price too steep for a city in financial crisis.

“At the top end that’s six thousand dollars a month!” Gerardo exclaimed.

The humane society said the rate increase is to cover actual expenses.

I.C.H.S. Director Devon Apodaca said, “These animals come in, they’re vaccinated, they’re given a flea preventative. They’re de-wormed. They’re seen by a veterinarian if they have any illness or injury,” Apodaca explained.

Gerardo said El Centro’s Dee’s Animal Rescue came to their rescue.

Dee Forbey said, “We’re going to try and do as many as we can. He’s going to bring me so many. He’ll show me pictures and we’ll see if we can adopt them or not. Then we’ll get them spayed and neutered and get them online and try to get them moved out as fast as we can.”

Calexico is now looking for other animal rescue groups with Dee’s help.

“We’re going to try. I can’t guarantee anything but we’re sure going to try,” Forbey said.

Dee’s Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization. They can be contacted on Facebook and they accept donations.

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