Calexico walker-bound senior allegedly attacked

Walker-bound senior allegedly attacked

CALEXICO, Calif. - Calexico Police said a group of good Samaritans at a laundromat jumped to the aid of a walker-bound senior being allegedly attacked on Thursday morning.

Officer Peter West said, “The robbery occurred at the laundromat or in that area.”

West said 25-year-old Jorge Castillo allegedly attacked a senior whom he knocked to the floor. The walker was thrown to the side.

“The suspect tried to take a backpack containing miscellaneous property. I don’t know exactly what was in the backpack, whether it’s money or wallets or what,” West said.

Several bystanders and customers at the laundromat rushed Castillo.

“The suspect was being pinned down by the witnesses or people in the area,” West said.

Somebody called 911.

“For a brief period of time they did have him pinned down on the ground trying to restrain him,” West said.

But Castillo allegedly fought back and managed to get away. Police began a search for him.

“Located him, spotted him walking towards the new river the canal bank in that area,” West said.

Witnesses wanted justice for the victim.

“Witnesses were transported to where that person was located and positively identified him as the suspect in the robbery,” West said.

Police said Castillo is now behind bars thanks to people – good Samaritans - who refused to just stand by while a crime was committed in front of them.

“He is in custody. He’s been positively identified by the victim and multiple witnesses that were at the scene,” West said.

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