Candidates gear up for IID special election


IMPERIAL, Calif. - The Imperial Irrigation District is holding a special election to fill the vacancy of IID Director Division 1, after the resignation of Matt Dessert back in January.

Four candidates are running for the position and the election will be held in early June.

We spoke to Juanita Salas and Ed Snively who are running for the position and asked them both why they would make a good fit and what they would bring to the position.

 “I am a third generation imperial valley native, I’m the daughter of farm workers, I grew up here in El Centro. And what motivated me to run for this position, I feel like I am a community's candidate,” said Juanita Salas, Candidate for Imperial Irrigation District, Division 1.

 “When I decided to run, I wanted to run for the right reasons, I have 53 years of successful business, farm and community service under my belt. I did retire this past year so I can devote full time to the job and it’s a very important job,” said Ed Snively, Candidate for Imperial Irrigation District, Division 1.

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors had the option of filling the vacancy without an election but voted to hold an election instead.

Both candidates agreed to that decision.

 “I think it was an excellent decision, I think in any public post where you have a vacancy, let's let the people decide,” explained Snively.

 “The election I think brings and open table and an open door to our community, the election I think invites our voters to have a say. A five member board makes a decision for 180 thousand people,” said Salas.

 “The other thing that is on the agenda for the IID, extremely important, is the litigation they have with CAL ISO. I think without that effort we can see our electrical rates go up 30, 40 percent both commercial and residential,” said Snively.

 “What do I bring to the table? I bring experience, I bring the ability to interpret policy with regards to the Salton Sea, with regards to the new river, with regards to issues that affect our day to day lives as working families here in imperial valley,” added Salas.

 “My grandparents, great grandparents came here in 1903, I understand about water and I will vigorously defend the water rights of the Imperial Valley,” said Snively

A total of four candidates are running for the position with the election being held on June 6th. We plan on speaking to the remaining two candidates next week and as the election nears we will address concerns the community may have.

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