Cannabis business permits available soon locally

Cannabis business permits available...

CALEXICO, Calif. -

Calexico may soon have a thriving cannabis business, according to city officials.

Council member Bill Hodge told KSWT on Friday, “The cannabis option is no longer an option in Calexico. It is becoming a reality. We are moving at an appropriate but brisk pace to achieve our goals in establishing legally the manufacturing, distribution and cultivation of cannabis here.”

Council had a second ordinance reading this week, fulfilling a requirement for the ordinance to become city law.

“In thirty days, you can go and get a permit. And you can do what you need to do to start your business,” Hodge said.

 The council member explained that there will be limitations and regulations that people venturing into the cannabis business must follow.

“Are we going to be selling it out on the streets? Are we going to have it in the stores? No. No dispensaries,” Hodge explained.

He said there’s a lot money for the city in the cannabis business in the form of excise taxes.

“Just one business possibly a million dollars’ worth of taxes,” Hodge said.

A local group wants cannabis tax dollars used to help the homeless.

Brown Bag Coalition Co-founder Maribel Padilla recently made a presentation to city council on the needs of the homeless during the hot summer months.

“Out of this revenue, you can build the place for the homeless. You can build the cool center,” Padilla said.

However, federal agencies can still arrest a person with cannabis in their possession, added Hodge. But, he said it was the concern of the business people, not the city’s.

“The business people that are investing – we’ve got two gentlemen already – they’re not worried about that,” Hodge explained.

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