'Cat Yoga' is the latest exercise of 'adoption'

Cat Yoga
A new form of Yoga is helping cats find their new home. 
The Humane Society of Yuma's 'Cat Yoga' is a special class where animal lovers do a yoga class with kitties and cats on your yoga mat. Yoga instructor Laura Lambert says the cats bring the happiness and the playful side of people.
"It really opens them up to try new things, to try yoga, and play with cats," said Laura. 


It's a hidden trend at studios and shelters from across the nation, with the purpose of hopefully adding a new family member to your family. Emma is a Yuma resident and says the cats eventually open up to you. 

"I'll be reaching out or sitting back in a 'downward dog pose' and just pick up the cat and bring it in so it was kind of a fun element and an extra weight holding the cat in a 'warrior one' pose." 

For more information on adoption and future events at the Yuma Humane Society, click here.

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