Cattle Call festivities will include Clay Walker performance


Cattle Call season is in full swing in Brawley as locals prepare for the Rodeo to come into town.


News 11 met with organizers from the Brawley Chamber of Commerce who has a special treat in store as country music star Clay Walker will be performing this weekend.

The four-time platinum artist will be hitting the stage here in Brawley on Saturday night, the stage will be set up here on Main Street, the concert is first come first serve and standing room only.

 “Between today and tomorrow there are lots of community parties that are happening tonight around Brawley so go check them out, a lot of businesses that are having parties. And then tomorrow we have a big day, because we have our pancake breakfast that starts 5 o’clock in the morning in the plaza,” said Katie Luna, Executive Director with Brawley Chamber of Commerce.

Following the pancake breakfast is the Cattle Call parade which starts at 9:45 a.m., then it’s Rodeo time.

 “The first rodeo performance, that starts at two and then the second rodeo performance starts at seven. Later that evening after the last rodeo performance, immediately following the rodeo we have a concert in the plaza with clay walker, country artist. And that is being brought to us by a great company here in the valley, MEK Lithium,” explained Luna.

The whole plaza on Main Street will be shut down for this performance and nearby businesses will be serving up the best food and brew.

We asked organizers how the people of Brawley are able to score these big names like Snoop Dogg and Clay Walker, in such a small town.

 “It’s the vibe, I believe everyone knows that this restaurant has this really cool vibe that doesn't make them feel like they’re specifically in the valley, but they’re here to have fun,” said Ryan Harsany, Owner and President of Inferno.

 “I think he has been here before and he’s seen Brawley and he really like the area, he does know some people in the area and so he is happy to come down here and perform,” added Luna.

The entire community is invited to attend this concert and no cost, the plaza will open and 7 p.m. and Clay Walker will take the stage shortly after the second Rodeo performance ends.




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