Changes ahead for Arizona drivers

Driver's test changes involving...

Changes will be made to Arizona driver's tests in March.

According to Representative Reginald Bolding, Arizona drivers taking a written driver's license test will need to know what to do when pulled over by a police officer. 
Representative Reginald Bolding is working toward this effort alongside the Arizona Department of Transportation. 
He said the main goal behind the change is to prevent fatal interactions from occurring between officers and drivers during traffic stops. 
"One of the thing you saw across the country [you see] incidents in which simple driver traffic stops have turned deadly," Bolding said. "And in this country, that's something that should ever happen."
Representative Bolding also said the key to safe interactions between the public and officers revolves around a system of mutual clarity and understanding.
"We are asking [officers] to enter situations with patience," Bolding said. "And recognize that there may be misunderstandings of what to expect. We are also asking drivers to realize that you may need to exercise patience as well."
Local law enforcement said they also believe the changes should focus on safety for both parties.

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