Child is groped in supermarket; act caught on tape

Child groped in supermarket

CALEXICO, Calif. -

Calexico Police are looking for a man accused of recently groping a 5-year-old girl at a local supermarket. The attack was captured on store surveillance cameras.

Detective Armando Orozco said, “While the mother and the little girl were inside one of our local stores shopping, an unknown male adult approached the little girl and groped her over her clothes on her breast area.”

On the video, the child is seen visibly upset.

“Jumped up and actually followed the guy and - what happened? Why are you doing this? Mom at the time didn’t know what happened, called the daughter back, and continued walking on. And shortly thereafter was told by the little girl what happened,” Orozco said.

The suspect is seen later walking up to another woman, and to an adult man.

“Shortly after he actually met up with what we believe his family members,” Orozco said.

The child’s mother and store manager looked for the suspect but couldn’t find him. The child’s father contacted police outside the store.

“Based on the multiple angles of the video that we see and the reaction of the little girl, plus the statements, we believe that it actually occurred,” Orozco said.

Detective Orozco, a parent himself, is upset by the incident.

"I’m shocked that this would happen to a little girl. I’m saddened that it had to happen to a five-year-old,” Orozco said.

The man will be charged with sexual battery on a child – a felony punishable with up to six years in prison.

“We believe him to be mid-fifties, early sixties. Male hispanic. Flat-top. Wears reading glasses. Wears a gold shiny watch, black face. Drives a newer model four-door, either Toyota Corrolla or Nissan Sentra,” Orozco said.

Calexico Police encourage anyone with information on this case to contact them.

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