Cibola High School opens state of the art classrooms

Yuma,Arizona - Cibola High School is starting the school year off with new classrooms that are preparing students for college and career. 
The new building offers science, culinary arts, and life skill classes with state of the art equipment. The project took less than a year to complete and was made possible by voters passing the 2015 bond measure and 2014 JETD referendum. Yuma Union High School Superintendent Toni Badone says this project wouldn't be possible without the help of voters. 
"We're excited about this new building at Cibola. It replaces portables that have been here since 1989. This building is top notch and it's going to serve our students so well. At each building we are doing things that improve the spaces for our students, so they are ready for college and career." 
The first day of school is August 3rd.
Watch tonight at 5/6 PM in the Evening Edition for a sneak peek inside. 

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