City celebrates anniversary at time of financial crisis

Calexico celebrates 110th anniversary

CALEXICO, Calif. - A meeting was held earlier today at the Calexico City Hall, where members of the city council announced their planned events for the year.

The highlight of the events was the one hundred and tenth-anniversary celebration which they hope will boost morale.

The goal is not only to be great for morale but give hope to a town that whose city employees and workers were asked to take pay cuts and make hard sacrifices.

The events planning will celebrate the city's rich history. Connecting it's past and present with its future.

The council looks to unify the town through art and education. Hoping also to tie the community together economically.

With education, they announced a scheduled essay contest for seventh and eighth graders throughout the city as well as replacing part of a piece of the Mexican border with a mural that will be anti-graffiti coated. The city will also take work of art submissions as well.

Not only is the city of Calexico involved, but their neighbor to the south in Mexicali will be part of the festivities as well. Bringing the sister cities together through friendship and unifying their bond which they felt was a natural collaboration for the community as well. 

The city also asks for anyone who has photos of historical significance be submitted physically or electronically to city hall.

More importantly, the mayor, Maritza Hurtado, emphasized how funding for all this will not come from taxpayer dollars, but from donors and sponsors.

The hundred and ten-year anniversary celebration will be held at Rockwood Plaza park from April 10th through the 16th. There will be live music, art exhibitions, and educational tours.

The council members want the local residents to be proud of their rich history. Bringing the people together through celebration in times of hardship.

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